ЛОКАЦИЈА НА НАШАТА КАНЦЕЛАРИЈА 360° виртуелно разгледување

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Google maps ЛОКАЦИЈА | 8 Dejan Vojvoda Str., 6000 Ohrid ( behind Ohrid bank )

 About us

The Real Estate and Marketing Agency BILBORD is a professional and specialized company in the field of mediation in the sale and purchase of real estate in the Ohrid region.

We value your time and money so we help you in choosing the best offer that comes from perceiving your needs, wishes and requirements. Complete legal security is our obligation that we fulfill so there is no room for care and insecurity !

Your request, our solution !!!


● Агенцијата за недвижности и маркетинг 'БИЛБОРД' поседува GOOGLE STREET VIEW - TRUSTED BADGE и се наоѓа на официјалната страна од Google за Google street view - Trusted Pro.